Become a Games Leader – A Kids Entertainer’s Guide Part 1

Clayon Poland Games for Kids Entertainers

Games For Kids Entertainers

Hi, I’m Clayton Poland from West Monroe in Louisiana. Believe it or not I play games for a living (and yes, I’m a big kid at heart). Kids Entertainer Hub is such a great platform to discuss how including games into whatever area of children’s entertainment you work in. You will love these ideas …

Games are interactive and energy burning, games are thought provoking, games are great at filling time if you have to.

This mini series on how to run successful kids games includes:

Step 1:  Make it Fun!

Step 2:  Create Healthy Competition!

Step 3:  Simple is Better!

Step 4:  One rule is enough!

Step 5:  No Questions!

Step 6:  Become a Cheerleader!

Step 7:  Kill it before it dies!

The first thing you should commit to memory …

Don’t underestimate the value of a good game.  People of all ages love to play games.  Running an effective game will set you apart from the competition (no pun intended) and bring you years of success as a children’s entertainer.

I’ve been using games for over 10 years as I have taught and entertained kids.  I have had the privilege of leading games with groups of less than 10 and with groups of over 5,000.  These principles work regardless of the size of your group.  They work regardless of location or venue.  Regardless if you are outside or inside.  These are battle field tested and work every time.  When put into practice, these 7 steps have the power to turn you into an amazing game leader:

Step 1 to becoming an amazing game leader – Make it FUN!!!

The number one rule when teaching, training or entertaining kids is to have fun!  Kids love to have fun.  If you want to have long term success in the kid’s entertainment business, you must learn how to have fun!

I noticed a long time ago that the first question a parent will ask their child after they attend any event, service or party is, “Did you have fun?”  Parents will eventually get around to asking other questions, but “Did you have fun?” is always the first question.  The best way to have long term success is to become known as the fun person that children love to be around.

Games are a perfect way to add a ton of fun to your next event!  Here is my biggest tip for you as a game leader.  If you will do this one simple thing, your game time will be a fun time that kids will be talking about for months and you will be known as the life of the party!  It’s so simple that you might miss it.  If you want to be known as an amazing game leader, be enthusiastic!

Be enthusiastic!  A boring game leader is just that…boring.  If you are not excited to play the game, the kids will not be excited to play it either.  We have all experienced the boring coach or gym teacher that drains the life out of everything.  You cannot be that way!  You have to be different.  Put a big smile on your face as you introduce the game.  Be enthusiastic as you prepare the children for what’s ahead.  If you are excited about game time, the kids will be excited about it.  The game itself is irrelevant.

Your attitude toward the game is the most important part of the game!

Now that you have a big smile on your face and are enthusiastic about game time, let’s move to the next step to Becoming an Amazing Game Leader:  Creating Healthy Competition.