Kids Entertainer Hub Episode 022 - Cody Williams YouTube Tips for Enterainters

YouTube Tips for Entertainers with Cody Williams

Balloon Twisting, Unicycling, Restaurants, Birthday Parties, Performing and more…

YouTube is a great free resource for kids entertainers to find tutorials. YouTube is also a great place for children’s and family entertainers to raise their own profile.

Learn these YouTube tips for entertainers from Arizona resident, Cody Williams. Cody is a multi skilled balloon twister, unicyclist and juggler! Cody shares about how ironically he stumbled into the industry and how now he works to help fellow artists increase their skills by making YouTube videos as well as instructional DVDs. Some helpful stories and handy tips here!

In this episode we discuss:

– Las Vegas – Bling Bling Jam, a jam room as well as a vacation!

– Cody speaks about his YouTube channel – unicaw89

– The ironic way Cody got involved in unicyclying and then balloon twisting

– Why Cody started his YouTube channel

– Cody’s difference – teaching for experienced twisters

– Extreme Unicycling – taking unicycling to the next level, how riders these days pick up the skills so quickly from online instructional videos.

– How to be entertaining as a unicyclist

– Cody explains his reasoning behind his comical clips at the beginning of his YouTube videos

– How Cody comes up with his new designs to put onto YouTube

– Using your smart phone to make notes on the run

– Cody’s upcoming plans – a DVD all about flair, not what to make but how to entertain with balloons with your flair.

– Advice from Cody – how to get speed as a balloon twister

– How to book restaurants – which ones and how

– Why kids entertainers should have a good business card

– How to give away your business card with style

Cody Williams 3 Unicycles - YouTube Tips for Entertainers - Kids Entertainer Hub Cody Williams DBZ Balloon Character - YouTube Tips for Entertainers - Kids Entertainer Hub Cody Williams Grandma Rose Balloon - YouTube Tips for Entertainers - Kids Entertainer Hub

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Cody’s Website (where to buy his DVD’s)
Cody’s YouTube channel
The Las Vegas Balloon Jam – Bling Bling Jam:

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