Holly Hopper Balloon Twisting Tips Tricks and Creations for Kids Entertainers

Balloon Twisting Tips For Kids Entertainers

Balloon twisting tips, tricks and how-to’s from the Twister Sister. So happy to be here at Kids Entertainer Hub sharing my passion for twisting balloons. If you get put off by line twisting then this series will help you right now …

I’ve put together this six part mini series to get you interested in adding some balloon twisting to your repertoire or honing up on your already, I’m sure, excellent balloon twisting skills.

1. Learn To Love Line Twisting

2. How Creating a Balloon Menu You and Your Clients will Love

3. 5 Easy Ways to Setup for Success

4. Keys to Starting Off on the Right Foot

5. Turning Tired and Impatient Guests into Raving Fans

6. Drama-Free ways to End your Line


Take a deep breath, here we go …

Learn to Love Line Twisting

At some point in every balloon twister’s career, you’ll be asked to do some line work.  The thought of this can invoke a response of fear, just thinking about that hour-long line and all the angry parents and crying children when you try to end the line and inevitably still showing up late to your next gig.  Well I have great news for you!  Line work doesn’t have to be a bad word!  If done right it can actually be your most profitable and enjoyable type of gig!  Over the course of the next 6 articles I’m going to give you the secrets to enjoyable line twisting.

In order to enjoy something, you must first get in the right frame of mind about it.  So let’s start off by talking about some of the benefits of line twisting.

If you’ve been in the twister crowd for very long I’m sure you’ve felt the pressure to up your value and game as a twister by developing your own show.  Shows are great for children’s entertaining, but let’s be honest, not everyone has the personality for shows and they aren’t always a great fit for every situation.  There is definitely a real need for line work in many situations and you shouldn’t think less of yourself as a twister if this is your forte.

Practice makes perfect and line twisting is great for developing your speed and skill as a balloon artist.  At most line work gigs you’ll have a pretty steady flow of work and you’ll most likely be there for at least a few hours.  All that practice will help you hone your skills and become a master of your craft.

Try seeing how many different ways you can make the same balloon animal.  This will help you to think creatively and you may even come up with a new technique!

If you’re looking to book more gigs, take on more work and become better known in your community, line work is great for marketing!  You have a constant stream of people coming to you that you can impress, build rapport with and hand out your business cards to.  We’ll talk more about how to maximize this opportunity to your benefit in upcoming articles.  Try seeing how many different ways you can start a conversation with your guests as you’re making them a balloon!  This will help develop your communication skills and leave a lasting impression on each visitor.

Line work gigs can be excellent money makers

Lastly, line work gigs can be excellent money makers!  Large events where line work is usually requested are most often being put on by large corporations or other organizations with big budgets for their event.  These are great clients to work for as they usually have no problem paying you your hourly rate and don’t forget the potential for repeat business!

Some businesses have multiple large events a year and if you develop a good working relationship with them, don’t be surprised to find yourself at all of their events collecting a nice sized paycheck for each one!  Working multiple hours at one of these events is much more profitable than driving around to multiple one hour parties all day.  So get yourself ready to enjoy a fun day of line twisting with the tips and tricks in the next few articles and you’ll soon be looking forward to your next line work event!

Now that you’re getting excited let’s learn How Creating a Balloon Menu You and Your Clients will Love. That’s in the next episode. Catch you then!