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TV Appearances and More for Kids Entertainers with Sandi Masori

Taking Your Kids Entertainment Business to the Next Level

Discover the mindset and strategies Sandi Masori used to turn her small local balloon twisting and magic party service into a business that lets her travel to high end trade shows and events and has gained her a national TV profile as an expert balloon artist…

In this episode we discuss:

– What it takes to manage your time between your personal and professional life.

– Diversifying your performances to incorporate different techniques and styles of magic and balloon entertaining.

– Just how important it is to build knowledge when starting out as an entertainer.

– Where you can find information on your chosen field of entertainment.

– Techniques on how to reposition and brand yourself as an expert.

– The benefits of marketing yourself as an entertainer and building a positive reputation.

– Avoiding the fear of sharing what you know with others.

– Tips on how to increase the amount of viewers on your YouTube videos

– Using your online catalogue of YouTube videos to get more work.

– Ways to create more opportunities for yourself and avoid competition.

– Some top tips on how to perform well on live TV

– Understanding the difference between a promotional TV appearance and an entertainment TV performance.

– Some great ways to approach media outlets for promotion as a kids entertainer.

– The importance of remembering “What’s in it for me” (WIIFM) when pitching an idea to a potential client.

– What you need to know about the different types of trade shows.

– Ideas on how to create a captivated audience while performing at a trade show.

– The pros and cons of charisma vs. technical skill when performing.

– Focusing on tailoring your work to a niche rather than trying to please everyone.

Resources mentioned:

EMyth by Michael Gerber

Tarbell Course in magic

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