The Magic Behind the Magic Part 1: A Driver's Seat View of What It Takes to Run a Successful Kids Entertainer Business

Do you follow blogs for kids entertainers? If yes, here’s something I hope you’d love: a blog in video form–suavely called a vlog–that I started, and it’s particularly made for magicians.

Called The Magic Behind the Magic, this weekly vlog “looks at what full-time magicians do when they are not performing magic”–and that is running the business side of magic.

To kick off the series, I share with you the first two videos I made.

Watch this introductory video.

Here I give:

  • An introduction to the vlog concept
  • A discussion of how 80% of being a children’s entertainer is at the business end

Watch the first episode.

Here I tackle:

  • Creating a contact list of businesses that you haven’t connected with before
  • Using email templates
  • Updating websites and marketing materials
  • Creating a to-do list that works
  • Tackling big projects a little at a time


Just as I said in my YouTube channel:

Forget the tricks and the illusions , pick up the laptop and pen and paper, and make magic your business.

Hope you enjoy this.