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Wizdom for Wizards Part 3

Magician and kids entertainer Brian Richards is back with Part 3 of his Wizdom for Wizards series. The image shows a magician in a suit and hat with his back to the reader.

In my last post, we talked about how important it is to embrace who you are to differentiate yourself from your competition. Now we’ll go into something totally different, and I’ll start things off with a gift.

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KEH 002: Kids Entertainer Tips from a Disneyland Performer

Kids Entertainer Tips from a Disneyland Performer With over 9000 shows as a Disney Pop Up performer, Max Marshall shares performing tips, insights into creating your stage character and how legendary clown doctor Patch Adams taught him – with a rubber fish – how to make his audiences ‘feel’ the comedy.

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Baxt’s Bits of Business Part 1

Stage Presence For Kids Entertainers I do many shows each month. Recently, at a “family night” stage show held at a school, the principal came up to me afterwards excited to talk to me about my performance. I had slipped in some new tricks and ad-libbed some jokes, but I was surprised that she didn’t mention…

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Entertain Any Audience with These 4 Easy Hand Gags

Easy Hand Gags

What if you accidentally left your props case at home or you’re put on the spot and asked to entertain a bunch of kids? No need to fret. These four no-props-required gags shared by Max Marshall can pull you out of a tight spot and make you ready to entertain in no time.

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