KEH098: What to Do When Customers Ask for a Discount

Kids Entertainer Podcast 098: What to Do When Customers Ask for a Discount

What to Do When Customers Ask for a Discount Most of us, if not all of us, have experienced customers asking for a discount. Should we give in or say no? If we say no, how do we communicate that nicely so we don’t lose the client? We discuss this rather tricky topic here and…

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KEH097: How to Ask for Deposits Easily

KEH097 - How to Ask for Deposits Easily. A woman's hands on an open notebook where a huge dollar sign is written

How to Ask for Deposits Easily Planning to start asking for deposits from your bookers, or wondering how you can simplify the process? In this episode, we discuss how you can ask for deposits with no hassle to you or your client. And because we always strive to give you as much value as we…

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Negotiating Higher Fees

TIps for Kids Entertainers: How to Negotiate for Higher Fees

Last time I talked about how to find more bookings by creating repeat clients. In this post, we’ll discuss something that many kids entertainers want to do but find tricky: charging higher fees. We all dream of making more money, don’t we? For not just magicians but also for most people, life would be great…

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5 Tips to Make Getting Paid for Gigs Headache-Free

Get paid for your gigs with no problem with these tips.

You’ve finished your show and now it’s time to be paid for your gig. You try to find the busy mum and you spot her frantic with guests. With some effort, you’re able to have a few seconds with her, but she tells you her husband forgot to withdraw the cash for your payment. And…

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