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Create the Most Amazing Thank You Note Ever That Your Clients Will Keep

Create the Most Amazing Thank You Note Ever: Tips for Kids Entertainers

In our previous post, Mark and I talked about four things that help make school assembly shows a resounding success. Here in the last installment of our series for Kids Entertainer Hub, we aim to leave you with something that’s often overlooked but truly valuable in terms of forging client relationship (and making you stick…

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KEH070: Using Backing Tracks in Children’s Shows

KEH070 Mark Beckwith on How to Use Backing Tracks for Your Childrens Shows

Using Backing Tracks in Children’s Shows: Kids Entertainer Tips for Adding Sound Effects and Music to Make Your Production Bigger & Better Among the tried and tested ways to make any show outstanding is to add backing tracks. Music and sound effects do make performances livelier, funnier, and more professional, and they even allow you…

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Where You Can Find the Best Audiences Ever

Where Kids Entertainers Can Find the Best Audiences Ever

Last month, Mark Beckwith and I touched on the pros of doing school assembly shows. Now we’re back with a post that’s all about where you can find a great audience. We’ve all had bad audiences, the ones that sit there with no response, talk among themselves, read the paper, or get up to leave.…

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KEH060: School Assembly Entertainment

KEH060: School Assembly Entertainment

School Assembly Entertainment: Tips for Kids Entertainers Who Want to Venture into the School Show Market In episode 2 of our From the Experts series, we tackle the school assembly entertainment market with seasoned pro Obediah Thomas. From the pros of offering school assembly shows, to tips on how to be successful at it, to…

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The Best Children’s Gig

The Best Children's Gig

Which is the best market for kids entertainment? In this post, I’m going to be bold and give you my opinion on which children’s entertainment gig is best. Over the years, Obediah and I have performed at all of the venues listed below. For each item, I give a pay range from 1-10, with 10…

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