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Where to Find the Best Magic Tricks Part 2: Tips for Starting Magicians

Where to Find the Best Magic Tricks Part 2: Tips for Starting Magicians

Last time I talked about where you can find good, reliable, and audience-pleasing commercial tricks. In this article, we’ll talk about other things you have to remember when selecting magic tricks for your first show. Having a list of tried-and-tested tricks is a good starting point, but I would say slow down a moment. There…

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KEH 013: A Kids Entertainer Guide To Adding Magic To Your Act

Kids Entertainer Hub Episode 13 - Julian Mather Build Your Magic Show - How To Add Magic To A Show For Kids Entertainers

A Kids Entertainer Guide to Adding Magic to Your Act Creator of the successful Build Your Magic Show course – Julian Mather – explains how balloon twisters, face painters, clowns, ventriloquists and many people with a passion but little experience can create a commercial kids/family magic show and earn more money than magicians with 20…

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Baxt’s Bits of Business Part 1

Stage Presence For Kids Entertainers I do many shows each month. Recently, at a “family night” stage show held at a school, the principal came up to me afterwards excited to talk to me about my performance. I had slipped in some new tricks and ad-libbed some jokes, but I was surprised that she didn’t mention…

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Big Tips For Little Kids with Colette Kelly Part 1

Under 5 Year Old Tips For Kids Entertainers My name’s Colette Kelly and I’m a children’s entertainer. Right now, according to convention, is where I should add that I LOVE performing for kids. Well I don’t. I’d like to love it but truth is it scares me. As we get to know each other in…

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