KEH 130: From Facepainter to Magician

From Facepainter to Magician Download Your Free Resource: Going Into Facepainting Lecture by Julia HuffakerClick here to get your Going Into Facepainting by Julia Huffaker Welcome to Season 6 chapter 130 of the Kids Entertainer Podcast! Julia Huffaker is our guest in this episode today. Today we talked about how she started Facepainting and how…

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Where to Find the Best Magic Tricks Part 2: Tips for Starting Magicians

Where to Find the Best Magic Tricks Part 2: Tips for Starting Magicians

Last time I talked about where you can find good, reliable, and audience-pleasing commercial tricks. In this article, we’ll talk about other things you have to remember when selecting magic tricks for your first show. Having a list of tried-and-tested tricks is a good starting point, but I would say slow down a moment. There…

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