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KEH082: Tried-and-Tested Kids Party Games to Add to Your Show

Kids Entertainer Podcast 082 with Simon Sparkles: Tried-and-Tested Kids Party Games to Add to Your Show

Tried-and-Tested Kids Party Games to Add to Your Show Whatever type of children’s entertainer you are, you’ll find having easy-to-do but extremely fun kids party games in your arsenal useful. They not only help you give the children a delightful time; they also make you stand out in the adults’ eyes as you’re able to…

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KEH049: Props-Free Kids Games You Can Use

Kids Entertainer Podcast 49: Props-Free Kids Games You Can Use

Props-Free Kids Games You Can Use Take the fun to the next level by adding these super-simple props-free kids games to your show. In this episode, we got civil engineer AND expert games leader Clayton Poland to share not just his go-to games but also the techniques he uses to run children’s games smoothly. Here…

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Become a Games Leader – A Kids Entertainer’s Guide Part 6

Kids Entertainer Hub Games Guide with Clayton Poland

Step 6 to Becoming an Amazing Games Leader: Become a Cheerleader Last time we talked about what questions to avoid when leading kids’ games. Now we’ll talk about something completely different: the importance of being a cheerleader when leading children’s games. But before we start, let me be clear. By saying you become a cheerleader, I’m…

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Danger Pass the Parcel

If someone tells you that there’s a party game that would be as equally effective for 2-year-olds as it would be for 14-year-olds and that it could work for any age group in between those two, you’d probably be unconvinced. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all game… right? Turns out, there is. With this…

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