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How to Fold a Towel into an Elephant

You want to know something that will never fail to get people coming to you? No, it’s not a magic trick. It’s also not a juggling act, although I know that’s a hit with kids. It’s also not some wicked ventriloquism skills. Believe it or not, it’s just a bit of towel folding. It’s cute,…

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An Easy-to-Make Gift Perfect for Professional Children’s Entertainers

Gifts—we love to get them, and though we’d love to give them, too, sometimes they just cost us too much. Especially for us kids entertainers. We can’t hand one child a giveaway and not give the rest one each, too. Good thing there are easy-to-make, easy-on-the-pocket presents, like this lovely little gift. It will cost…

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Bubble Games for Little Kids

Colette-Kelly-Kids Entertainer -Bubble Games Little Kids

Bubble Games: Ideas for Professional Kids Entertainers In my last article we looked at what qualifies a ‘little kids vs a big kids’. This time I share my bubble games for little kids.

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Face Painting Basics with Marcela Murad Part 1

Facepainting Tips For Kids Entertainers It is an honor and a privilege to share with you my passion for face and body painting here on Kids Entertainer Hub. Whether you are new to the art of Facepainting or a seasoned professional, this series are meant to teach, inspire and spark your creativity and imagination.

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Become a Games Leader – A Kids Entertainer’s Guide Part 1

Games For Kids Entertainers Hi, I’m Clayton Poland from West Monroe in Louisiana. Believe it or not I play games for a living (and yes, I’m a big kid at heart). Kids Entertainer Hub is such a great platform to discuss how including games into whatever area of children’s entertainment you work in. You will love…

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