KEH 118: Entertaining Toddlers and building an Agency

Entertaining Toddlers and Growing your Agency Welcome to Season 6 chapter 118 of the Kids Entertainer Hub! Gemma Parker from Sussex, United Kingdom is our guest in this spectacular show. Today we talked about her journey to becoming a full time entertainer from being a teacher. Here are some of the important notes from this…

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Magic Money Matters

Steve Wickenton on Going Pro: Magic Money Matters

My Story—Going Pro in Kids Entertainment Part 4 In my last article, I talked about how you can keep yourself motivated in pursuing your love for kids entertaining. Now I’ll go into something more… for lack of a better term, financial. And let me start with an announcement. It’s official. I now consistently make more…

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KEH 029: How to Become a Full-Time Magician

How to Become a Full-Time Magician Are you a part-time kids entertainer who dreams to become a full-time magician but you just don’t know how? If yes, then this podcast episode is for you. Magician Tommy James, who has been entertaining kids and adults alike for more than 30 years now, shares his journey from…

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