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KEH120: The Congruent Kids Entertainer

The Congruent Kids Entertainer Download Your Free Resource: a lecture on GMD Formula – Managing BehaviourClick here to get your GMD Formula – Managing Behaviour FREE Lecture Welcome to Season 6 chapter 120 of the Kids Entertainer Podcast! Louise Wells, a professional full-time kids entertainer for 3 years now, is our guest in this episode.…

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The #1 Way We Know to Create a Successful Show

No. 1 Way We Know to Create a Successful Show: Tips for Kids Entertainers

Is there gold right under your nose? There probably is and you just can’t see it. Here is a simple exercise we are going to do. It’s simple but it’s probably one of the hardest things we’ll ever do. First, we have to honestly, hands on our heart, say that we have accepted a particular…

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How to Be a Better Kids Entertainer

In a former life before children’s entertaining, as a cameraman travelling around the world, I had what I call a ringside view of life. I got so close to a lot of people and saw, in many cases, intimately, what makes them tick. I met many successful people and many unsuccessful people. Over time I…

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