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KEH086: The Fundamentals of Stage Craft

Kids Entertainer Podcast 086 with Danny Schlesinger: The Fundamentals of Stage Craft

The Fundamentals of Stage Craft: Going Back to the Basics of Performing for Kids Entertainers With the brimming—sometimes overwhelming—treasure trove of available information out there, sometimes we lose sight of what’s essential. In this podcast episode, Danny Schlesinger brings us back to the fundamentals of stage craft to help us pack more impact to our…

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KEH 041: How to Improve Yourself as a Kids Entertainer

How to Improve Yourself as a Kids Entertainer In kids entertaining, as in any other field, to stagnate is to become irrelevant and boring, so it’s essential that you learn how to improve yourself and your shows if you want to stand out and stay ahead. And to help you do just that, balloon and…

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