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Creating a Character Brief

Colin Underwood on Creating Characters: Create a Character Brief

Part 4 of the 10 Essential Techniques That Professional Kids Entertainers Do Not Share In my previous article, I talked about how you can utilize the action-reaction technique to enhance your character. Now we’ll move on to what can help you if you’re planning to put on a character show together: a character brief.

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KEH 027: How to Brand Yourself as an Entertainer

Kids Entertainer Hub Podcast 027 - Buster Balloon - How to Brand Yourself as an Entertainer Thumbnail

How to Brand Yourself as an Entertainer Invaluable Tips and Insights for Kids Performers To achieve any kind of success in kids entertainment – and in fact in any industry – knowing how to brand yourself effectively is as essential as creating an applause-worthy show. Learn how to do just that from this week’s podcast…

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