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Rubber Chicken Nuggets – Sylvester the Jester

Kids entertainer Sylvester the Jester

Welcome to the seventh and final instalment of this series of interviews that originally appeared in Rubber Chicken magazine. Editor and publisher Peter Aubery has made them available for the Kids Entertainer Hub audience. In this series, Peter picks the minds of kids entertainers Charlie Frye, Jimmy Carlo, John Kimmons, Bill Abbott, Michael Diamond, and Paul…

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What Makes Little Kids Laugh

What Makes Little Kids Laugh

Last time I discussed why children love repetition and how you can use this bit of knowledge in your kids shows. In this article, we’ll explore what makes little kids laugh.

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How to Warm Up an Audience for Professional Entertainers

Do you know what’s a great way to whet your audience’s appetite for your show? A magic warmup that features physical comedy. And in this post, we give you not one but three simple, no-sweat physical comedy tricks that will warm up your audience in no time.

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KEH 006: Creating A Brand of Kids Stories and Toys

Creating a Brand of Kids Stories and Toys: One Entertainer’s Tale of Vision and Commitment Tom Hayes knows about obstacles and the determination needed to overcome them. Follow the story of how a handful of tiny beans have given one man the energy to see his vision of a range of kids storybooks, audio books,…

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KEH 002: Kids Entertainer Tips from a Disneyland Performer

Kids Entertainer Tips from a Disneyland Performer With over 9000 shows as a Disney Pop Up performer, Max Marshall shares performing tips, insights into creating your stage character and how legendary clown doctor Patch Adams taught him – with a rubber fish – how to make his audiences ‘feel’ the comedy.

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Baxt’s Bits of Business Part 1

Stage Presence For Kids Entertainers I do many shows each month. Recently, at a “family night” stage show held at a school, the principal came up to me afterwards excited to talk to me about my performance. I had slipped in some new tricks and ad-libbed some jokes, but I was surprised that she didn’t mention…

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