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How To Be Different From Other Kids Entertainers

kids entertainer, Brian Richards

In our first episode we discussed 9 benefits of creating your own routines.  In this episode, I want to briefly discuss how to differentiate yourself from the competition.  Now before you jump ahead and start guessing the answer, the most important that will tap into your creative edge is….

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KEH 002: Kids Entertainer Tips from a Disneyland Performer

Kids Entertainer Tips from a Disneyland Performer With over 9000 shows as a Disney Pop Up performer, Max Marshall shares performing tips, insights into creating your stage character and how legendary clown doctor Patch Adams taught him – with a rubber fish – how to make his audiences ‘feel’ the comedy.

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Clown Thought Bubbles Part 1

Leon McBryde Clown Thoughts for Kids Entertainer Hub

Leon McBryde shares his thoughts on clowning with Kids Entertainers 1. How has clowning changed since I started years ago? There is nothing more certain than change. Now that I have said that …

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