KEH 034: Insights Into the School Show Market for Children’s Entertainers

Insights into the School Show Market for Children’s Entertainers Many children’s entertainers dare not venture into the school show market because they feel it’s not something they can do. But professional educational entertainer Brian Richards shares how doable (and profitable) it is to come up with school shows and score gigs during those slow months.…

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Wizdom for Wizards Part 3

Magician and kids entertainer Brian Richards is back with Part 3 of his Wizdom for Wizards series. The image shows a magician in a suit and hat with his back to the reader.

In my last post, we talked about how important it is to embrace who you are to differentiate yourself from your competition. Now we’ll go into something totally different, and I’ll start things off with a gift.

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How To Be Different From Other Kids Entertainers

kids entertainer, Brian Richards

In our first episode we discussed 9 benefits of creating your own routines.  In this episode, I want to briefly discuss how to differentiate yourself from the competition.  Now before you jump ahead and start guessing the answer, the most important that will tap into your creative edge is….

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Wizdom For Wizards with Brian Richards Part 1

 9 Benefits of Creative Routines For Kids Entertainers Well, let me start this off by saying it is an honor to be one of the contributors to the Kids Entertainer Hub!! My name is Brian Richards and I have been a full-time educational performer for over 15 years and in the business for over 30 years.…

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