KEH 034: Insights Into the School Show Market for Children’s Entertainers

KEH 034 - School Show Market for Children’s Entertainers

Insights into the School Show Market for Children’s Entertainers

Many children’s entertainers dare not venture into the school show market because they feel it’s not something they can do. But professional educational entertainer Brian Richards shares how doable (and profitable) it is to come up with school shows and score gigs during those slow months.

Being a performer for over 35 years now and having worked as a childcare counselor (and even a firefighter), Brian has extensive experience motivating and teaching kids about safety, positivity, and yes, even math. But aside from kids entertaining, he is also passionate about marketing, and he generously dishes practical tips on how children’s entertainers can market themselves and earn more customers.

Listen to this podcast and learn not just how achievable and practical it is to tap into the school show market, but also to pick up a wealth of marketing and creativity tips you can use to make yourself and your show stand out.


In this episode we discuss:

- The three persons who influenced Brian’s passion for entertaining and the one insight that has shaped his approach to performing (“It’s all in the presentation.”)

- His experience as an educational entertainer

- The market for educational shows and how you can tap into this (Brian shares an ingenious way of repurposing your standard routines for a “new” educational show.)

- How Brian’s passion for marketing started (Marketing is what will “either make or break your business.”)

- Brian’s five specific marketing tips (take note of these!)

- Mentoring for kids entertainers

- Brian’s book Tapping into Your Creative Flow and tips for stimulating creativity

- His in-the-works webinar Marketing Master Plan for Entertainers


Resources mentioned in this episode:

"Exploring Magical Presentations" by Eugene Burger

Dave Dee

Brian’s 4 Ace Productions Website (For Educational Entertainment)

Brian’s 4 Ace Christian Website (For Christian-Themed Programs)

Brian’s 4 Ace Family Website (For Family Entertainment)

Brian’s Free Magic Workshop

Brian’s Book "Tapping into Your Creative Flow"

Doug Hall’s Book "Jump Start Your Brain"

Kids Entertainer Hub Blog

Brian’s Wizdom for Wizards series for Kids Entertainer Hub:


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