KEH060: School Assembly Entertainment

School Assembly Entertainment:

Tips for Kids Entertainers Who Want to Venture into the School Show Market

In episode 2 of our From the Experts series, we tackle the school assembly entertainment market with seasoned pro Obediah Thomas.

From the pros of offering school assembly shows, to tips on how to be successful at it, to instructions on how to create backdrops for it (or any show for that matter), we discuss them here.

Go on and click play and enjoy this interview packed with a lot of useful tips that can get you started with your own school assembly show.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Obediah chose to do school assembly shows
  • How to start creating and performing school assembly shows
  • Who to approach when selling school assembly shows
  • School assembly shows in comparison to other shows
  • The pros and cons of being a two-man show
  • The ‘seasons’ of school assembly shows
  • How Obediah fills his downtime
  • Why some school assembly acts don’t make it
  • How the school assembly market is doing
  • A typical performance day
  • How the students are usually set up for a school assembly show
  • Teacher and student participation during school assemblies
  • How Obediah deals with disruptive audiences
  • How to make portable & easy-to-set-up backdrops for school assembly shows – Click here for the video and PDF guide on how to make backdrops.
  • How a show can make a difference in a kid’s life

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Entertainer Academy

How to Make Backdrops (video guide and free downloadable PDF guide)

A Beginner’s Guide to Professional Children’s Entertainment

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