Jay-Jay-Balloon-Guy-Kids-Entertainer How To Run A Balloon Twisting Business

Balloon Twisting Tips for Kids Entertainers

Jay Jay the Balloon Guy was a juggler. One day his life changed and he could juggle no more. Discover how he grew a satisfying balloon twisting business from scratch …

Jay Jay hails from South Africa where he was household name in his performing area. He now lives and works in Australia as a balloon twister, a balloon teacher and a balloon supplier. As famous motivation coach Zig Ziglar said, “help as many people get what they want in life and you’ll get everything you want in life”

In this episode we discuss:

– Listen and hear how Jay Jay has adopted this philosophy and find out about …

– The people who the best at balloon twisting usually come from performing backgrounds

– It’s not all about twisting technique, it’s very much about making kids laugh.

– BASE method … Borrow And Steal Everything to create a vehicle for entertaining

– From juggler to balloon twister .. why the change?

Jay-jay-The-Balloon-Guy-Kids-entertainer podcast

Jay Jay The Balloon Guy

– Should you be a jack-of-all-trades or should you specialize as a children’s entertainer? Which is better?

– Can you be a balloon twister without working through and agent?

– How much money should you spend on advertising when you are starting out?

– What to do if you aren’t getting repeat bookings and referrals after one year of starting out?

– The value of attending balloon twisting conventions?

– How much do you charge for balloon twisting?

– Keeping your booking process simple?

– How to design your website to keep it simple and build your credibility?

– How to create a balloon twisting teaching business?

– Find out about the OzJam balloon twisting convention

– How castrating lambs has helped balloon twisters (strange but true)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Jay Jay The Balloon Guy website

The balloon roll to keep your balloon supplies organised

See Matt Falloons Balloon Roll in action

This is the Russian Glue talked about in this episode

Learn about clown doctors at the Theodora Foundation

Join the Kids Entertainer facebook group

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