KEH054 John Kimmons: How Important Are Props, Presentation Skills, and Personality in Kids Entertaining

How Important Are Props, Presentation Skills, and Personality in Kids Entertaining

What makes a successful kids show and entertainer—the performer’s props, presentation skills, or personality? In this podcast episode, award-winning children’s entertainer and ventriloquist John Kimmons discusses all these three and more.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The importance of showmanship over props and how John realized this
  • A common mistake John often sees starting magicians and children’s entertainers commit
  • How often he gets “bad” shows
  • How he gets honest criticism or feedback on his shows
  • How long he expects to keep on entertaining and what future he sees for kids entertaining
  • Performing for technology-savvy children
  • Effective techniques he uses to build rapport with his audience
  • How he deals with chatty adults during his shows
  • His racing game
  • His weakness: strolling magic
  • The age groups he loves performing for
  • Why he specializes in children’s and family entertaining

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John Kimmons’s website

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Kids Entertainers Facebook Group

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