Kids Entertainer Podcast 49: Props-Free Kids Games You Can Use

Props-Free Kids Games You Can Use

Take the fun to the next level by adding these super-simple props-free kids games to your show.

In this episode, we got civil engineer AND expert games leader Clayton Poland to share not just his go-to games but also the techniques he uses to run children’s games smoothly. Here you’ll learn that a great game is a controlled game as Clayton discusses how you can lead the kids to have an absolutely amazing time playing games without being out of control.

So go hit that play button to hear the terrific games and audience management tips that you can add to your kids entertaining arsenal.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Clayton got started being a kids game expert
  • Genius tips on how to manage and engage groups of children—even groups as big as 5000—during games
  • Kids games that use simple props
  • Tips on how to run children’s games
  • All-inclusive, props-free, and fun games for kids
  • A great tip on awarding points

Resources mentioned in this episode:

GMD Formula

Clayton Poland’s website

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