Popular Movie Themes for Kids Parties

In my last article, I gave several tips on how to have a successful school disco party. Now we’ll go into something that’s very timely and popular this season: movie-themed disco parties.

According to Disney, a sequel for Frozen is in the pipeline.

For girls and even some boys, a Frozen follow-up is big news as the original movie was a phenomenon with not one but two princesses, several lovely characters like Olaf the Snowman, and of course, some brilliant songs. Indeed, not since the days of High School Musical has a movie captured the imagination of children so well.

For those who can’t wait for the sequel, there is an 8-minute  short called Frozen Fever which was first seen in theatres with the live version of Cinderella. (It has been released in DVDs and Blu-rays in August.) It was a must-see for many kids and has increased the requests for a Frozen-themed disco party.

Released a few months back is another film that’s a craze with children. Avengers: Age of Ultron, the most-awaited follow-up to the hit movie Avengers, grossed over a billion dollars in theatres worldwide.

Jam-packed with thrills and amazing special effects, the latest in the Marvel franchise has superhero-loving kids wanting a party featuring the characters and elements of this well-loved action-adventure film.

So there you have it, two movies that are such a hit with children. Offer parties with these themes and you would certainly see many happy, excited faces. (And if you need life-size cutouts to make your parties more fun, you can visit Party Time for Kids anytime!)