Leon McBryde - Performing Tips from Santa

Performing Tips from Santa Claus

Here’s our early Christmas present: some solid performing tips from no other than Santa himself.

Leon McBryde, aka Santa Noel, is no ordinary Santa. Before becoming the legendary Christmas character, he enjoyed a successful career as a part of the Ringling Bros Circus and as a freelance clown. And after over 40 years of making people smile, he was inducted into the International Clown Hall of Fame.

In this podcast, Leon brings all the practical knowledge and experience he has gained from his years as a professional entertainer to the table, wraps it in kindly advice and humour, and makes a gift of it for all kids entertainers.


In this episode we discuss:

– The modulation concept of shows and how you can apply it

– The storyline that will glue your act together

– Tips on how to be a better performer (maximise the stage, treat your volunteers nicely, etc.)

– How Leon transitioned from clowning to being a Santa Claus

– Wisdom (and funny stories) from Santa


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Leon’s Santa Claus Website

Leon’s ProKnows Website

Magician Business 034: Seasonal Work For Magicians with Leon McBryde


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