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Kickstarting the New Kids Entertainer Podcast

Welcome to the new season of the Kids Entertainer Podcast! We’re thrilled to be back and we hope you are, too.

With our return, we introduce BIG changes aimed to bring you continued inspiration, valuable knowledge and actionable tips that will help your children’s entertainment career to flourish.

Ready to find out what we have in store for you this season? Go on and hit play.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Julian’s farewell to KEH and his next adventure
  • Introducing our new presenter – Find out who!
  • Our new show format

In Your Voice
: Starting your own kids entertainment business

I have been daydreaming about starting my own children’s party entertainment business. I’m currently a children’s dance/drama teaching artist and I have been face painting for years. I want to do characters like a ballerina that teaches a mini class and does fun games, or like a fairy (I love fairies!) that does some magic and face painting. Thoughts? I figure it will just stay a dream if I never talk about it… I know princesses are super popular at girls’ parties, but we are kind of a feminist/girl power family so I was thinking female superheroes might be fun too! – Thera Knapp

Tips from the Vault
: Breaking into the Preschool Market

  • Why entering the preschool market is a smart business move
  • Tips for getting started and creating your own preschool show
  • A great resource you can download for free

Hot Topic
: Entertaining younger children

  • Making yourself seem smaller
  • Misnaming the stuff they know
  • Repeating what you say
Download Your Free Resource - 3 Ways to Break into the Pre-School Market

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Pre School Master Plan / Kids Entertainer Academy

Kids Entertainer Hub

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook group

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook page

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