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Magic Tap Book is a comprehensive step-by-step Ebook showing Google Adwords strategies I have learned that get my inbox overflowing with enquiries on a daily basis

Hi, I’m Ken Kelly and I make my living doing what I love – entertaining.

I have been a full-time performer for over 30 years and I am so grateful today to have a steady, reliable income that I can depend on and I would love to share how you can do that too.

I have written a comprehensive step-by-step book called “Magic Tap” where I share the strategies I have learned that get my inbox overflowing with enquiries on a daily basis.

The Magic Tap book contains some of the proven techniques and principles from my, highly successful, Magic Tap membership course that sells for $197 dollars.

You can get the Magic Tap Book today for a special price of only $19.99

Magic Tap comes with my personal 60 day money back guarantee. If you buy the book and don’t feel it’s packed with value, simply let me know and I will return your money. I can’t be fairer than that, there is no risk to you.


The book walks you through 3 crucial “touch points”

  • Getting the right traffic to your website
  • Website conversion strategies that get quote shoppers to take action and get in contact
  • And finally I share tried and tested techniques on how to get the booking by the communication methods you use.

Who is Magic Tap for?

The book is written for entertainers just like you, who market a service into a targeted geographical area. I wrote Magic Tap with the beginner in mind, everything is explained in easy to follow steps using simple, non-technical, language. You don’t have to be a website nerd to get started using these principles. We do it together and I cover every detail with diagrams and step-by-step instructions showing you exactly what to do.

What is the book about?

Part 1 is about getting bookers onto your website using Google Adwords.
I become your personal guinea pig because the content is based on my real life statistical data that I have collected marketing myself as an entertainer.
I have spent in excess of $15000.00 testing Google Adwords and I share the results of what works and why, and more importantly, what doesn’t work so you don’t have to make the expensive mistakes I made.

Adwords conjures up big fears in some magicians and for good reason.

When you use Goole Adwords out of the box, in other words with Google’s default settings, you are likely to burn through money and see no measurable return. How do I know? I have done it. Ouch.

I show you my tried and tested tricks and tips that put you in complete control of your budget. I take you through the step-by-step process of setting your maximum daily spend, setting a “per click” budget and setting a price you are willing to pay per keyword, meaning no surprise bills from Google.
Magic Tap shows you how to measure your return on your investment, how to do more of what works for you and how to stop the stuff that doesn’t work so well. I also share some top tips on how to do your testing for the minimum price possible.

budget tracking

There is so much more covered in Magic Tap including how to target your geographical areas, how to find what keywords your bookers search for on Google, how to publish your first advert including what it should say and exactly what you should be doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure you have a healthy marketing campaign.

Magic Tap Table of Contents

• Setting Up Your Google and AdWords Account

Chapter 1: Keywords 101
• How to Build Your List of Keywords for Your Ads

Chapter 2: Google AdWords Basics
• Lesson 1: Setting Up Your First Ad
• Lesson 2: Testing Your First Ad Campaign
• Lesson 3: Adding More Ads for Testing
◦ Bonus: How to Rotate Multiple Ads
• Lesson 4: Setting Up Conversions
• Bonus: More About Keywords when Using Google AdWords

Chapter 3: Landing Pages
• Lesson 1: Creating a WordPress Website in Five Minutes
• Lesson 2: How to Set Up Your Landing Page for Success
• Lesson 3: Tracking Your Landing Page Conversions

Chapter 4: Using AWeber to Boost Your Business
• Lesson 1: Creating a New Email List
• Lesson 2: Creating Your First Follow Up Message
• Lesson 3: Creating More Follow Up Messages
• Lesson 4: Setting Up Your Inquiry Form and Thank You Page with AWeber
◦ Bonus Lesson: How to Manage Your Inquiries from Different Sources
• Lesson 5: Tracking Your Subscribers with AWeber
• Lesson 6: Testing Your New Page and Sign Up Form

Chapter 5: Maintaining Your Ads and Website
• Maintaining Your Ad Campaigns and Website Part One
• Maintaining Your Ad Campaigns and Website Part Two
• Getting Support

Extra: Using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
• Lesson 1: Creating Your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Accounts
• Lesson 2: Tour of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
• Lesson 3: How to Link Your Google Analytics Account with Your AdWords Account

If you don’t know how to edit your own website then that’s ok. The techniques I cover can easily be outsourced to a web developer on for just a few dollars. You will know exactly what needs doing and you will understand why.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Part 2 of Magic Tap shows you techniques that change browsers into bookers on your website.

Here is a frightening statistic: 100% of bookers who look at your website and decide to leave without making contact with you will NOT BOOK you. Getting potential booker to your website is useless unless the booker makes contact with you.

This where most entertainers, including your competitors, haemorrhage bookings. In the Magic Tap book, I outline proven strategies that will have your potential bookers act and get in contact. This means you get more chances to get your quote in-front qualified bookers, think about what difference that will make to your number of bookings.


You get to see real life case studies where I show you my formula that will increase the success of your webpages. I show you what to do, how to do it, why it works and I give you free tools you can use to see the results yourself. The evidence will speak for itself and your inbox will begin to fill up with qualified people enquiring about your services.

AutoPilotFunnel1This is where the Bookings come in!

Step 3 shows you how to covert enquiries into bookings.
An inbox full of enquires is nice, but unless they turn into bookings, they are of no use at all.
Mostly your potential booker will have contacted a few entertainers to get quotes, this section shows you how to stand out head and shoulders above your competition and increase your chances of landing the gig. You will learn how to use a powerful marketing tool to manage the way you communicate with your booker and automate your booking process. Good communication creates good customer relationships which leads to you taking more bookings from your competitors.

Extra, extra, read all about it!

I want you to enjoy the same success in your marketing as I have had in mine. I believe success and stress free marketing comes from understanding how to measure what is working and what is not. I have included a special chapter in the Magic Tap book that puts you in the captains chair in full control of your success. You will see how to setup and use measuring tools like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and I have even included a section on how everything links together to form one big picture. These free tools give you confidence in your marketing, there will be no more guessing or trying things based on luck and gut feel, you will make decisions based on facts. You will have statistical evidence at your fingertips and the best part is, it will make perfect sense. What difference to you think that would make in your entertainment business?


But does it work for my type of entertainment?

YES! Because the Magic Tap book is about strategies and principles, it works for any entertainment service business wanting to target a defined geographical area. Magic Tap is not a clone “do-as-I-do” system where you simply copy my campaign, that simply wouldn’t work for your type of entertainment in your area.

Magic Tap is about showing you the principles and tools and how to use them to research and market into your own defined market.

a1 research

You will taylor everything to match your booker and your business and thats the real power of Magic Tap. Its not about giving you a fish, its about teaching you how to fish because every pond is different and nobody knows your business like you do. Whether you are a close up magician, kids entertainer, mentalists, illusionist, corporate performer, ventriloquists, trade show artist or any other performing art type, Magic Tap can help guide you.

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The Magic Tap book contains some of the proven techniques and principles from my, highly successful, Magic Tap membership course that sells for $197 dollars.

You can get the Magic Tap book today for only $19.99


Magic Tap comes with my personal 60 day money back guarantee. If you buy the book and don’t feel it’s packed with value, simply let me know and I will return your money. I can’t be fairer than that, there is no risk to you.


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