Kids Entertainer Hub Episode 20 - Matthew Spraggins Graphic Design Logos

Logo Design for Entertainers and Why It Matters

Professional logo design for entertainers is as important as a magic wand to a magician… you just have to have one. Caricature logos, or cartoon interpretation of you as a kids entertainer is not only the norm, but is a clever way to convey a very important message that is often overlooked and underused.

As a kids entertainer, your caricature logo has the power to inform your primary audience (young children who can’t read yet) of who you are and what you are about.

What message does your caricature logo convey to your child audiences?

Matthew shares how his journey from doodling in class, to working as an illustrator and graphic designer and then finally combining his talent for illustrating people has lead him to where he is today: creating engaging, fun and vibrant caricature logos for entertainers.


In this episode we discuss:

– Why is professional logo design for entertainers important and where you can start getting ideas.

– What makes his caricature logos for entertainers different form other entertainer logos.

– How to use your caricature logo to keep entertaining long after you have gone.

– How one caricature logo can convey your message in a way that even children can understand.

– How to ensure that your caricature as a kids entertainers reflects who you are and what you do.

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