KEH053 Greg McMahan: Lessons Learned from Decades of Performing

Lessons Learned from Decades of Performing:

Tips and Insights from a Seasoned Children’s Entertainer

In this episode in the Vault of Wisdom series, we share lessons that a long-time kids entertainer has learned from years of performing.

Greg McMahan, an all-around professional entertainer who uses magic, comedy, balloon twisting, juggling, and clowning in his shows, has been a featured speaker in a number of children’s entertainer conventions and is the author of the terrific book Kids Think It’s Funny. He is also the magic program director of the Circus Camp. From his wealth of experience, he shares in this episode not just how to handle audiences, parents, and agents, but also how to improve yourself as an entertainer—and many more besides.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Greg’s work experience as an “advanced clown”
  • His material and approach for different age groups
  • How Greg builds rapport before performing
  • His one audience control technique
  • How he deals with parents and adults during his shows
  • How he deals with his “bad shows”
  • How he uses music and sound effects in his performances
  • Tips on working with agents
  • How much new material do his shows have
  • Tips for kids entertainers who are afraid to screw up
  • Technical skills vs. performing skills
  • Tips on how to hone your performing and improvisational skills
  • The performers who influenced him
  • Lessons he learned along the way
  • How he makes his balloon twisting gigs entertaining for his audience
  • The importance of being yourself as a performer
  • Some of his performance “horror stories”

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Greg Mcmahan’s website and book Kids Think It’s Funny

Circus Camp

Beakman’s World’s Paul Zaloom

Avner the Eccentric

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Kids Entertainers Facebook Group

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