Laugh Getters

Laugh Getters: Kids Entertainer Tools

These are perhaps the 3 most useful tools you can have in your entertaining tool bag. These are guaranteed laugh getters.

And the best thing is you don’t have to be funny. These are strong visual gags where the unexpected finish releases a torrent of laughter and smiles from your audience, big or small.

As such, we use them as emergency outs.Laugh Getters for Kids Entertainers

What we mean by that is if any routine falls flat, or something breaks, or we have forgotten to put something back in its place before the show, we can launch straight into one of these at a moment’s notice and get our shows back on track.

We have even used them as an emergency quick finish to shows. Because they naturally get a laugh, your audience remembers you well.

These will become your ‘performer’s insurance’ so you are not left standing there wondering what to do if things go wrong.

Of course, build them into your act as standard routines. We do.

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Testimonial 1 for Laugh Getters

Testimonial 2 for Laugh Getters

Impression of a Chicken> Works for 1 person or 1,000

> Requires absolutely NO vocal skills (It’s not what you’re thinking.)

> You can do it silently and still get the same reaction

> Instant reset

> Can be impromptu

> Works in any language

Balloon Challenge> Can be mastered in 15 seconds (That’s if you’re going slow…)

> Works in any language

> Can be impromptu



The Lie Detector> Easy to do

> Very adaptable to suit your performing situation

> Works particularly well when the audience know each other

> Lets you easily build rapport with your audience

> Always gets good reactions (But on days when everything fits into place, you will get a roar from your audience.)

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Testimonial 3 for Laugh Getters

Testimonial 4 for Laugh Getters

Testimonial 5 for Laugh Getters

P.S. If within 30 days you can not see how this can truly work for you, then get a full refund, no questions asked.

Ken and Julian's 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Some more details you might like to know…

  • Difficulty rating: VERY EASY
  • Most required props can be found around the house, though you may need to buy a magic prop for approx $5.
  • As with all our training materials, you get instant access. No waiting for anything to arrive in the mail. You will be instantly sent your login details so you can start learning straight away when you log into your own member training area. Any of our training that you have purchased is available there as well. This means you can access your training 24 hours a day, 365 days a year wherever you are on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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