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Kids Entertainer Tips from a Disneyland Performer

With over 9000 shows as a Disney Pop Up performer, Max Marshall shares performing tips, insights into creating your stage character and how legendary clown doctor Patch Adams taught him – with a rubber fish – how to make his audiences ‘feel’ the comedy.

Max Marshall is a variety performer in Hong Kong Disneyland. He has worked for Disney now for 6 years (and many more to go!) With 4 years with Cruise Line plus 2 years with Hong Kong Disneyland he has personally clocked over 9000 shows!

That’s a whole lot of laughter, a ton of happiness, literally millions of smiles and an uncanny amount of energy created 100% day in day out.

Max started juggling at 7 years old. Went to see street performers at the Edinburgh Festival and was inspired. Problem was he was shy, in his words he wouldn’t say boo to a goose.

In this episode we discuss:

Having a desire to GIVE , to affect people, and how it can drive your performing career.

Kids Entertainer Max Marshall DisneylandWhat is the ‘static suitcase’ and why was it a winner above all other magic and juggling and flaming torches.

Developing your stage character takes years.

The value of taking clown classes.

Working in 21 countries around the world makes you create many different characters. Street shows, theatre shows all require a different approach.

The importance of not ‘hiding’ behind your props

The importance of making people ‘feel’

A silent act doesn’t work as well as a unicycle, flaming torches. Why do you see the same acts, the same props all around the world? Like Cups and Balls? Because they work.

Pop up atmosphere performer is essentially a street performer without convincing people to put their hands in their pocket.

Max Marshall Kids Entertainer Ballooning hatHis Dad’s advice about selling cheese and onion crisps on building a strong business as a variety performer.

Get to know a theme park first before you apply to them. Offer them something you think would work well for them, something that would become an attribute.

The differences between Theme parks and Attraction Parks.

The Disney philosophy of treating every person as a guest.

The value of customer feedback forms.

9000 shows in 6 years working with Disney is possible because they design the costume, the working schedule, the microphones are always ready.

Character developmentMax Marshall Kids Entertainer

Sunny Magoo … his kid’s character brand that flopped.

The difficulties of performing surrounded by very famous mouse and duck characters.

Source a clown teacher. An acting clown course as opposed to an acting course. Comedy club improvisation workshops

Separate yourself from your prop so people can see who you are

What makes people laugh? What is the psychology behind it? What is it that entertains people? Its not what you do, it’s how you make the people FEEL.

Laughter workshop ..laughter yoga …laughing for no reason

Hear Max’s story of how on a two week tour of Russia, Patch Adams taught Max to entertain with nothing but a rubber fish. What does the rubber fish do?

Understanding different cultural sensitivities.

The importance of reading body language books and sales books.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Max’s Instagram … follow Max Marshall

Max Marshall Facebook .. follow Max

Ron Lucas TV show .. ventriloquism, puppets, story tellers

Maynard Flip Flap …street clown … submit  your act

Patch Adams … Clown Doctor

Max’s free video for Kids Entertainer podcast listeners …


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