A Beginner’s Guide to Professional Children’s Entertainment

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Looking for something to give you the necessary information and inspiration you need to jump-start your career in kids entertaining?

Well, mate, you’re in luck! You’ve found it. And we can say that with confidence because we have looked far and wide for something like this and nothing comes close.

In this guide, you will find the answers to these questions and more…

What are the common mistakes beginning children’s entertainers make?
Can I make a living from children's entertaining?
Should I go part-time or full-time?
What is more important: skills or experience?
What do I need to start?
What do little children want?
How to understand the psychology of little kids
Bubble games for kids under 5
How do you handle groups of children?

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These topics are also discussed in great detail (loads of good stuff here):

What does your booker want?
What are some basic skills you might need?
Balloon twisting
Games leading
Face painting
What simple entertaining tools can you make?
What do you wear?
Do you need a website?
Do you need insurance?
Tips from professional children’s entertainers
What’s the next step?


You’ll find this guide to-the-point and full of actionable knowledge, ideas, strategies, tactics and tools as we’ve written this ebook with one goal in mind: set you on your way to a thriving, fulfilling career in children’s entertaining.

True, we can’t cover everything in depth (and we don’t claim to), so in areas where you need additional information, we point you to the right direction where you can get the best quality training there is out there.

Children’s entertaining is not a job. Children’s entertaining is a calling, a vocation, much like what compels a priest to choose a life dedicated to the care of his community.

Has your calling led you to this point?

Whether you just want to dip a toe, trying to find another source of income, or whether you’re considering doing this part-time instead of full time, or whether you just want to experience the satisfaction of being able to step up to the plate when called upon by family and friends to entertain at Sally’s 5th birthday party, it doesn’t really matter.

Whatever your intent is, this guide is here to give you good, solid, and tested advice and information that will start you off in the right direction. Much like how setting down a good foundation when building a house will see you through the rumblings of a shifting ground or unsettling high winds, getting the right mindset when starting out in children’s entertaining is the best investment you will ever make.

The Kids Entertainer Hub team has, collectively, nearly 100 years of experience in entertaining children. Listen to what we say in these pages. It is born from a lot of time standing in front of kids and adults.


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