Marketing at the End of Your Birthday Show and Your Balloon Stock

It’s Episode 105 and we had Regina Martinez aka Silly Sparkles as a co-host. In this episode, Zivi and Regina talked about marketing tips that can be implemented after the show. They shared by sharing their own stories and opinions.

Controlling your nerves is another topic that was discussed in this episode and every new entertainer or even a veteran one can still experience it, so listen to this episode because you can definitely relate to this. Lastly, another hot topic and this time about how many balloons should you carry in your stock. So if any of these topics interest you hit the PLAY button now!

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In this episode we discuss:

In Your Voice
: How to market yourself at the end of the party ceremony

Steven from Appleton Wisconsin USA asked:

At the end of birthday party shows, any idea you could share on you know, you get invited to stay, have some birthday cake or some food and meet up with the people. I wonder if you have any ideas on how to do that in a professional manner and what might you wanna make sure we include so that would help our business and so on?

Regina’s thoughts on this:

It’s a great opportunity to market at the end of the show. It’s a really great time to have a photo op, with the birthday kid and other kids too. If you have a puppet it will have a great impact. When taken a picture ask them to use your hashtag when they post it. Offer a referral discount as a bonus for when they tag you.

Zivi’s take:

Most of people these days will agree to get them tagged so if you do the hashtag for them as Regina mentioned in the show, it allows you to take ownership on the process and the details.


Tips from the Vault
: Controlling Your Nerves

  • The tip is taken from Lesson 7.0 of the Build your Magic Show course of the Kids Entertainer Academy – How Do I Control My Nerves. The main idea is – don’t ever say you will never do that magic trick again
  • But at the same time, perform magic you find enjoyable and comfortable with and be realistic with your progress

Regina also shared her story about her experience and Zivi also gave his take. See the extended notes for complete details.

Hot Topic
: How many balloons should you keep in your stock?

  • For Regina:
    It depends on the business and market. Restock from a position of power and knowledge. Plus insights and challenge inside the bonus PDF extended notes.
  • Zivi’s strong points on stocking balloons:
    Balloons Age. Limit yourself to few colors and spend your money wisely.

Get more information when you download the extended notes.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Entertainer Academy

Kids Entertainers Facebook group

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook page

The Balloon Stock Mobile app

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Download Your Free Resource: Marketing at the End of Your Birthday Show and Your Balloon Stock - Extended Notes