KEH104: Interactions Along the Way and Handling Kids Who Cry

Interactions Along the Way and Handling Kids Who Cry

As entertainers we want to make everyone happy in our show but do we need to always make everyone laugh? With the help of Danny Schlesinger, the co-host for this episode, we discussed how to be a great entertainer without trying hard to make everybody laugh.

We also discussed about one of the lectures from the Vault which talks about some good lines to use and you interactions with adults during the show. And as always, we discussed a hot topic, this it’s about how to handle situations when kids starts to cry in your show. Tune in as this episode will give a lot of tips and tricks on how to be a great entertainer.

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In this episode we discuss:

In Your Voice
: Should we actually be funny the entire show?

Drew Ripley from Canada asked:

“With the show that I have right now I find that there are parts that are really funny and parts that are not and I am wondering if while Im entertaining smaller kids if the goal should be just keep them laughing the whole time, can I actually be just a comedic performer the whole time or is that likely to be exhausting and backfire and I’ll end up with other problems?”

Zivi and Danny gave their thought about this question from Drew, listen to the full episode to know what’s their take on being funny all the time in your show. And here’s a brief summary of what they thought:

Things to consider:

  • What kind of audience do you have?
  • Are they all children?
  • Is it a school settings? Schools are very different from a library audience or a public show where there is a mix of parents and families.
  • Is it a kids party?

Quick Summary:

  • Laughing all the time is exhausting
  • When the kids really laugh a lot it’s fun for you to be in the situation because it shows how good you are as an entertainer
  • Many things can go wrong if you make things go crazy with laughter
  • How many interactions in your routine that involve your audience show be considered as well

Tips from the Vault
: You Are So Funny! by Alan Rich

Taken from a lecture of the Kids Entertainer Academy Lecture Library.

Lines that were taken from the lecture:

Line 1: Why are you knees different from my knees? You have Kidneys

Tip from the show: don’t use a line that doesn’t fit your personality

Line 2: (to a hyper kid) Have you ever considered meditation

Line 3: Are you married… Do you work at 7-11

Danny and Zivi also gave their advise on adult interaction and how important it is that they are also entertained.

Hot Topic
: What do you do when a kids starts to cry (for a balloon or in line for face painting or for a prize)

  • For Danny..
    If it’s in a show, encourage the parent to deal with it and give comfort to the kid.
  • For Zivi..
    It’s an opportunity for an Awww..  moment. To show that you are human and you care.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Entertainer Academy

Kids Entertainers Facebook group

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook page

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Download Your Free Resource: Interactions Along the Way and Handling Kids Who Cry - Extended Notes