KEH 126: Entertaining Kids in Swimming Pools

Entertaining Kids in Swimming Pools

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Welcome to Season 6 chapter 126 of the Kids Entertainer Podcast! Virginia Hankins from Los Angeles, California is our guest in this spectacular show. She owns several businesses that cater different themed entertainment.

Here are some of the important notes from this episode:

  • Virginia owns a company that does mermaids, unicorns and other beautiful themed parties
  • Her companies are Sheroes Entertainment, LA Mermaid School and Milo the Magical Unicorn
  • Virginia specializes in high end themed entertainment
  • Milo the Magical Unicorn is actually a horse that she owns
  • Virginia has a team that takes care of Milo and trains him
  • Her parties have around 50 kids each and usually hires Milo for 3 hours
  • The main foundation of her company are fully immersive educational entertainment packages
  • They include songs about the ocean and games related to it
  • In her Mermaid School and pool parties, they have lifeguards to make sure the kids are safe
  • The lifeguards are included in her package to make sure there will be one
  • if it’s not safe it’s not a good show
  • Virginia wrote a book called ‘How To Be a Real Life Mermaid’ and it was a one year project
  • A TON of Value that you can learn from Virginia and her business in this episode, so please make sure to listen!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Download Your Free Resource: Instragram Insights Lecture by Caity Byrne