Show Transportation and When to Diversify and Add a New Service

Welcome to the final episode of Season 5! We have Annie Banannie today as a co-host with Zivi for this season finale. Today we talk about transportation, what are the recommended vehicles that kids entertainer use and their benefits. We also talked about balloon workshops and how to do it better using the tips from one of our courses. Last but not the least we discussed the hot topic of when to diversify or add a new service to your mix. All of this and more in this season finale, episode 115. Listen now!


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In this episode we discuss:

In Your Voice
: Show Transportation - from Brettso the Great

Hello there! This is Brett Bolich aka Brettso the Great from Southern California. Thanks for answering my questions in regards to stage shows but I had a questions regards to transporting your show from venue to venue. Now I that a lot of you guys have vans, specifically the Nissan NV200 as well as the Ford Transit style vans and it was really popular, I currently have a Rav4 that I love but eventually I would love to upgrade to one of those because I’m getting to the point where I might have to carry more stuff in the near future. And I just want to get your thoughts on those style of vans, what to look out for, what to consider and maybe like a checklist of things that you would use say okay this is worth getting or just keeping your vehicle originally so anyway thanks again and talk to you guys soon!”

Annie currently uses a Toyota Corolla but before that she used to ride a Prius. Before she had an accident she was carrying a lot of stuff in her car and after that she started thinking why she’s carrying too much stuff around. Now her rule is, “if it doesn’t fit the car it doesn’t go in her show”.

Zivi on the other hand uses the Nissan NV200 where he can fit 1200 fully inflated modelling balloons. It’s branded so he can easily identify his car and for people to see it. Branding your vehicle is another form of advertisement for you business that you can take advantage of.

We conducted a survey on Facebook to find out what people use for their business and here are the responses from our community.

More discussion and tips when you listen to the episode.

Tips from the Vault: Tips on how to do workshops better

  • Outside vs Inside - we strongly recommend doing it Inside
  • The importance of the extra show
  • Why two hours is too much
  • Two a day with a normal size car
  • Square baskets - instead of round baskets to maximize the space
  • For Adults - basically just teaching them how to teach balloons to kids

Hot Topic: When to diversify and add a new service to your mix?

For Annie, she just started diversifying with her shows without using balloons, this is because she wants to grow and pushes herself to do any type of show but she will still continue to be serving her customers as the balloon storyteller.

If you’re going to diversify just make sure that you know where you are going to in terms of marketing efforts.

One more decision filter on when is it a good time to diversify, which is related to foundation of anything we do which is our skills.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Entertainer Academy

Kids Entertainers Facebook group

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook page

Wow Assemblies

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Download Your Free Resource: Show Transportation and When to Diversify and Add a New Service - Extended Notes