KEH 114: Knowing A Trick is Ready and Requests To Stay Longer

Knowing a Trick is Ready and Requests to Stay Longer

Welcome to episode 114 of Season 5 of the Kids Entertainer Hub! Regina Martinez is back to co-host with Zivi in this spectacular show. Today we talked about how to determine whether a trick is ready to be performed or not and how to ask for feedback. We also had a discussion about what to do when you get asked to stay longer and extend the show, plus our thoughts on performing in small apartments. Listen to this episode to learn more!

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In this episode we discuss:

In Your Voice
: How do you know a trick is ready to go into your show and how do you ask for feedback – from Joris

“Hi, this is Joris! How do you know if you are ready to perform a new trick and how do you ask for feedback?”A big part about that are these questions
How well do you know the trick?
Have you practiced it?
Have you ever recorded yourself?
Have you been able to watch the recording?
Do you look comfortable with it? Does the script flow?

It’s better to look back at these questions before you perform it in your show and if the answer to these questions are YES, it means that you’re ready to perform the trick!

More discussion and tips when you listen to the episode.

Tips from the Vault: How do you deal with a customer that asks you to stay longer?

Here’s the very methodical approach by Ken Kelly broken down by Zivi Kivi.

Regina experienced this and probably most of you who are listening were already asked to stay longer. Regina shared her experience in one of her birthday parties where she developed a plan where she informs the booker about the upgrade options in case there’s a need to extend the show. Zivi also has his own similar way to inform the customer about pre approved extension agreement by communicating it to the booker in advance.

Hot Topic: Small apartments – can you actually perform in them?

Regina personally doesn’t want it because there are so many distractions in a small space while Zivi is so used to this and loves the shows in small apartments because it is normal in Israel to have shows inside small homes. There are prerequisites though for Zivi, first is an elevator, he doesn’t want to carry all his stuff to more than two floors, second is as long as there’s no sugar for the kids so that there’s no extra energy for them to run around and be jumpy, if these two are met then it’s a go. Zivi also trains the moms to have the show parent free and adult free.

Is this an issue from the country you perform? Go to our Facebook Group and share your thought.

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Download Your Free Resource:Knowing A Trick is Ready and Requests To Stay Longer - Extended Notes