Spreading the Word About Eco Friendly Balloons and Getting More Laughs

Welcome to episode 112 of the Kids Entertainer Podcast. Today we have Annie Banannie as the co host. In this episode and we talked about the book Seriously Silly and the Repeat After Me principle. We wrapped this episode with an important discussion about the ecological nature of latex balloons. All of these exciting topics in episode 112. Listen now!

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In this episode we discuss:

In Your Voice
:What are the differences between Seriously Silly the book, Seriously Silly the DVD, and the new book Super Sized Silly?  By Robert Clarke

“Hey, good morning Zivi! It’s Robert Clarke here, I just have a question mate. David Kaye’s book Seriously Silly, I’ve come across Serious Silly that come with a DVD, but there’s also one Seriously More Seriously Silly but doesn’t come with a DVD is this the same book or is it two title different books? Love to know, thanks mate! And the website is https://popevents.com.au/

The new book book contains 150 routines from 104 different magicians. It shows the routines done by different magicians.

The first book shows what tricks work for specific age level and teaches what makes kids laugh and interact.

More discussion and tips when you listen to the episode.

Tips from the Vault:The Repeat After Me tactic -  as shown in David DeVitto’s lecture Bring in the Laughs to Bring in More Bookings

Zivi personally uses this principle in all of his shows, he teaches one magic trick in his show, either one with his magic bracelet or anything okay to share and he asks to do the magicians oath to never share the secret.


I, Zivi Kivi, promise, to never reveal, the secret, and, I will do, anything that, my mom tells me to do, and also, my dad, AMEN

Annie tends to use it for a safety pledge if she’s gonna do something that looks dangerous. It’s building the excitement but also reminds them about safety.

Hot Topic
:Can we help spread the word that balloons are eco friendly?

With the raising concerns about Balloons and the Environment… how do we spread the word about the misinformation (like people who say balloons are made of plastic) and get the real info out while still being amusing?

Annie thinks there’s a lot of misinformation about balloons, she shared that it started in the 80’s that it was reported that it’s dangerous like plastic.

A latex balloon is made from materials from a rubber tree (each tree can last up to 40 years and keep producing materials).

Balloons are made from biodegradable materials.

What can we do in order to help this environment cause?

Part of our job is to educate people about balloons and we have so many tools we can use to share it with people. You can ask people to do a pledge about helping the balloon and environment cause.

Share with us if you do anything in your show about spreading awareness about balloons. Do that in our Facebook group, please!

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Download Your Free Resource: Spreading the Word About Eco Friendly Balloons and Getting More Laughs - Extended Notes