Getting Your First Gig Ever and Marketing Yourself in Your Show

Welcome to our 111th episode of Season 5. Our co-host for this episode is Regina Martinez a.k.a Silly Sparkles. Today we talk about how to land you first gig and tips on how to continue to improve after your first show. We also shared our thoughts on how to market yourself during your show. Plus, we also shared the Jingle Bell Monte magic trick for this coming holiday season. Stick around and listen to the episode.

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In this episode we discuss:

In Your Voice
NJ asked how to land the first ever gig

“Hi Zivi, In the topic that someone gets talked about.. I am a new kids entertainer, you know that’s not true, but I’d like to know how do I get my first gig without having to use an agent, and will I get the gig without previous experience? Thank You!“

Regina shared how she started her career, she did not have an agent but she had some friends who are kids entertainer and referred some clients to her.

How can a children’s entertainer get their FIRST EVER gig? Without using an agency?

Assuming you’ve already had a few practice gigs at family and friends parties and you’re ready to test your skills at a complete stranger’s party… how do you score that first gig? Here are some tips for you..

  1. Showcase YOURSELF and your work
  2. Network with entertainers
    SIDENOTE: Be generous and lend those newbies a hand!
  3. Sign up for Thumbtack/Gig Salad/Gigmasters
  4. Be prepared to receive that first inquiry.

Zivi doesn’t recommend you call another kids entertainer and pretend to be a customer. Regina shared her experience when she tried to call one of the entertainers when she was starting out.

Both Zivi and Regina agrees that anybody can land a first gig, The most important thing is not to think about the first gig, the first gig will come, it’s all about where do you wanna be 10 gigs later, 20 gigs later or 100 gigs later. You wanna be good, that good that people will want to talk about you. Know that it’s 80% efforts on your skills and 20% on the business at the beginning. Work on your skills most of the time and don’t worry much about other things.

More discussion and tips when you listen to the episode.

Tips from the VaultThe Jingle Bell Monte Magic Trick

Here are some of the one liners from the video:

  • Where does Santa go to learn how to get down chimneys? = A chimnasium
  • What did one snowman say to another snowman = Can you smell carrots?
  • “It was so cold on Christmas Eve that Santa had to jump-start three of his reindeer!”
  • “One of Santa’s little helpers was so sad… he had low elf-esteem.”
  • What do you call a chicken at the North Pole? = Lost!
  • What do you call a polar bear with ear muffs? = Nothing, he can’t hear you
  • There’s more waiting for you in the video with the link above

Hot Topic
Is it OK to MARKET your business DURING YOUR show?

Absolutely, YES! Says Regina.

It’s a lot easier to market yourself right after you just wowed them with a face paint, balloon, etc. If you’re trying to market after a show, She finds it awkward if you just approach them with your card without them asking for it.

Regina doesn’t like to do over marketing at the end of the party package because she’s already been promoting herself the entire show. She repeats her name a lot during her show. She has silly tactics while face painting a kid – She tells them they can get sparkles but only if they remember her name. Here are some marketing tactics the Regina uses:


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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Entertainer Academy

Kids Entertainers Facebook group

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook page


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Download Your Free Resource: Getting Your First Gig Ever and Marketing Yourself in Your Show - Extended Notes