Marketing for Stage Shows and Revealing the Secret

Welcome to Episode 109 and today we have Annie Banannie back in our show. In this episode we talked about marketing your stage shows. Annie and Zivi also talked about another lesson from the GMD Formula which explains why moms book you. Plus, the hot topic – when is it a good time to reveal a magic trick. All this and more in the episode.

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In this episode we discuss:

In Your Voice
: Marketing for Stage Shows

Brettso the Great (Brett Bolich from Southern California, USA) asked:

“Hello There, this is Brett Bolich aka Brettso the Great from Southern California. I had a question in regards to stage shows. Now, I’ve been personally reaching out to community theaters to try to put on my very own stage show, with some luck and most of them pretty much telling me that as much as they would love to have me they already have a theater season where they do broadway style plays or broadway style musicals and my question is to you guys, is there other avenues besides community theaters to reach out to, to do stage shows. Also if community theaters are a viable option, what would be a better way to approach them? My final question to this is, is what are some things or some pitfalls to avoid when actually getting your theater show running, you got the theater you’re getting the show, what are the things like contractually that you should look out for to make sure you’re not hurting yourself in the end? Thank you very much, talk to you guys soon and have a great rest of the podcast. Yeheyyy!”

Zivi and Annie shared some important tips and here are some of the points:

Anytime that you have in your market an event or a topic that everybody cares about that’s great. For example, the Read Across America theme, if you work in Libraries.

Look at your market and if your market looks like it can support specific show like that then go for it because it’s gonna push you creatively.

A lot of independently owned theaters exist and you can go to them without fear of the infamous committee.

Local Schools sometimes got fancy theaters.

Zivi and Annie also gave some advise with regard to contracts, the committee and colleagues.

Tips from the Vault
Why Moms Book You

  • The tip is taken from the Games, Magic and Disco Formula (GMD Formula) in Kids Entertainer Academy – Module 9 Lesson 2
  • Zivi and Annie discussed the reasons why you get booking from bookers and how you can make sure you book them right away.

Hot Topic
: When is it ok to share The Secret of a magic trick?

  • For Annie, there’s two different sides to this question, sharing with performers and sharing with muggles.
  • For Zivi, it troubles him where the boundaries are. There’s a lot of gray area but you have to have a great reason why you are sharing something.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Entertainer Academy

Kids Entertainers Facebook group

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook page

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Download Your Free Resource: Marketing for Stage Shows and Revealing the Secret - Extended Notes