Tips for Working with Agents and Handling Young Hecklers

It’s the 108th episode and Regina Martinez aka Silly Sparkles is back! Really exciting topics were discussed in this episode and life saver tips.

Do you work with agents or do you have an agent? If you are or if you’re thinking of trying finding one, then you have to listen to this one. We also talked about a prop free game from one of the courses in the Kids Entertainer Academy that you can use in your show or play with your family. Last but not least, the hot topic of dealing with young hecklers. Lets begin:

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In this episode we discuss:

In Your Voice
Working with Agents

Yochi asked:

“Hey Zivi, I want to ask you guys a quick question about working with agents, did you cover that in any of you previous things, will you cover that? Question is working with agents.”

Working with agents can really fill up your calendar especially when you are working with good agencies that can help you get more bookings and gigs.

Once you do get a great agent you should invest in the relationship with her, you need to fuel it with gifts or commissions, build trust in your relationship and understand their needs. Have an open and direct conversation about the commission. You might need to negotiate about it.

More discussion and tips when you listen to the episode.

Tips from the Vault
The “What are you doing” game.

  • Was taken from the course called the Comedy Masterclass – from an award winning street performer Uri Vice
  • This game works very well with school ages, for younger age you need to give a lot of examples and then they get it too.
  • You can get up to 10 mins of playing time through this game with two kids standing on stage. The first kid is miming drinking tea, and the second kid will just ask the question “what are you doing?”. The first kid can say anything except for the actual thing that he’s doing.
  • Watch the video in the episode bonus to learn the full rules of the game.

Hot Topic
What do you do with kids hecklers that try and call you out through the show

  • All entertainers must have experienced this situation and we all agree that it’s very distracting. More of what Zivi and Silly Sparkles shared about their experience with hecklers in the episode.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Entertainer Academy

Kids Entertainers Facebook group

Kids Entertainer Hub Facebook page

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Download Your Free Resource: Tips for Working with Agents and Handling Young Hecklers - Extended Notes