KEH 013: A Kids Entertainer Guide To Adding Magic To Your Act

Kids Entertainer Hub Episode 13 - Julian Mather Build Your Magic Show - How To Add Magic To A Show For Kids Entertainers

A Kids Entertainer Guide to

Adding Magic to Your Act

Creator of the successful Build Your Magic Show course – Julian Mather – explains how balloon twisters, face painters, clowns, ventriloquists and many people with a passion but little experience can create a commercial kids/family magic show and earn more money than magicians with 20 years experience.

In this episode we discuss:

Ever wished you could do magic full time? Ever wished you could somehow leave your job and follow your dream?  Julian Mather did. Mid life he gave up a successful career. With no one to guide him he carved out a place in kids and family magic. Within 2 years he was making more income than he had in his ‘job’ while at the same time waking up without an alarm, saying goodbye to peak hour traffic and loving life.

As he says, “I can talk with absolute authority on this because I lived it”.

In this episode Julian discusses with Ken Kelly his motivations for creating this in depth course and how it has helped many entertainers boost their businesses.

Build Your Magic Show is his story with none of the detail left out. Every trick, every show, every reason, every motivation, every failure, every detail … in short everything he wanted to be shown when he started but he could never find.

Routines, cases, costumes, sound  systems, marketing, psychology, audience management, young kids, older kids, difficult kids, jokes, gags and bits of business, how to market yourself.

Julian has created a series of 4 FREE Training Videos for you to get you started learning and thinking about how you can improve your act. Just click the picture below – a new tab will open – and follow the simple instructions to start watching over one hour of video that many say is like a training course on it’s own.

Build Your Magic Show FREE training videos for all kids entertainers like balloon twisters, face painters, clowns, jugglers and storytellers


In the first video you’ll discover …

1. Why much of the advice you are getting is probably holding you back

2. How you are closer to being ‘performance ready’ than you realise

3. 5 practical tips and tricks to get you started right away


The training is 100% free and I think you will love it

If you want to understand why… then watch the first video 


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Add a little bit of inspiration with all that perspiration

In 1986, Julian Mather’s grandmother gave him a book of handwritten quotes and proverbs and ideas to help guide his life’s compass. Each week on the podcast Julian opens up this book and shares one of them with us ….


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