KEH 011: Booking Kindergartens and Pre Schools For Kids Entertainers

Zappo the Magician kids entertainer podcast shares how to book pre school and kindergarten shows

Booking Kindergartens and Preschools

for Kids Entertainers

Ever wanted to book kindergartens and pre schools to improve your kids entertaining business. Ever wondered how to take your work as a children’s entertainer from part time to full time? Zappo the Magician has done just this…

Many weeks of the year Zappo is touring the country performing at kindergartens and pre-schools and when he is back home is in-undated with party bookings! Wouldn’t you love that?

So, whether you’re a magician, balloon twister or face painter you can learn some valuable lessons from Zappo including: the importance of asking questions, making mistakes and doing the occasional free gig! 

In this episode we discuss:

– Joining a magic club – a great way to learn

– Asking questions – how honesty helps you improveZappo the Magician Kids Entertainer Logo

– People skills – how this helps you get bookings, what to do and what not to do

– How to entertain at a kinder/preschool – themed shows with educational message

– Writing new content – keeping the magic alive!

– How mistakes are not always a bad thing, in fact it can be the total opposite!

– Tips for working with young children – do’s & don’ts plus language techniques

– Zappo’s occasional free shows, why he does them

– Creating your own kinder show – “take the kids on a roller coaster” the main ingredients for a successful show

– Keeping it simple – How Zappo gets a full calendar of bookings

– Adding balloons into the equation – delivery pieces, birthday presents etc

– Balloon convention OZJAM, how Zappo took his balloons to the next level

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Zappo the Magician Website

OzJam Website:

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