KEH068 Kids entertainers Doug and Heidi Scheer on how to work with special needs children

How to Work with Children with Special Needs:

Tips for Kids Entertainers

Doug Scheer, this time with his wife Heidi, is back with an interview on a very relevant topic: working with special needs children during our shows. In this episode, Doug and Heidi share that kids on the spectrum do not need to be in the sidelines. They can be stars of the show with a little encouragement and understanding from us, and there’s no reason for us not to involve them and make others see they’re not much different from anybody else.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Tips for involving and interacting with kids with special needs
  • Ways to help special needs children keep calm and comfortable during our performances
  • What to do in case a child disrupts the show
  • Doug’s Punctuation Pandemonium, a brand-new, non-magic, hilariously entertaining effect that is perfect even for older kids

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Download Training Tip 117 - How to Work with Children with Special Needs Extended Notes