Richard Welsh Kids Party DJ

How to Use Music to Entertain Kids

with Richard Welsh

Richard Welsh, Kids DJ and children’s entertainer, talks about how to use music to entertain kids, what kind of music to use, how to stay up to date with what kids enjoy, including watching Disney and children’s films…

Richard shares how being a comedy performer with an hour long silent comedy act helped him in being a successful children’s entertainer and kids DJ. He talks about the importance of connecting with the audience and making them laugh as quickly as possible.

Richard Welsh

Kids getting into the music and games at one of Richard Welsh’s entertainment bookings

Being a kids DJ is more than just playing music, it’s about engaging kids with games, thinking out of the box and trying new angles on traditional games to keep it exciting and fresh.

In this episode we discuss:

– How visual comedy transcends language barriers.

– Why physical comedy is a success at kids parties.

– How vital it is to grab the kid’s attention at the start of your performance.

– The art of connecting with the children at your shows.

– The practical ways you can gather research on your audience.

– Finding an easy way to connect with the kids on a personal level.

– Some top tips to add variety to your performance as a kid’s entertainer.

– Helpful tips on integrating your theme into your games and activities.

– How do you choose which songs to play?

– How to stay up to date with the latest music?

– What to do with popular songs that have rude or explicit language in it?

– How to keep kids entertained using music and games?

– How to make traditional kids party games exciting and fresh?

– The secret to evolving your performance while keeping it familiar.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Richard’s website

Music resource

Richard’s blog post on Kids Entertainer Hub

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