Kids Entertainer Podcast with Carisa Hendrix_Social Currency & Meaning: How to Create Empowering Children’s Shows

Social Currency & Meaning:

How to Create Empowering Children’s Shows

In this week’s Kids Entertainer Podcast episode, Guinness World Record holder and all-around entertainer Carisa Hendrix graces us with an interview that is positively brimming with insights and advice on how to create empowering children’s shows.

Talking in detail about where to draw inspiration, to how to manage different characters and brands, to what is social currency and how to give this to our audience in both our kids and adult shows, Carisa gives us a piece of her brilliant mind in this interview.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Carisa Hendrix walking on glass

    Carisa walking on glass as both kids and adults look on in amazement

    Carisa’s background

  • Meaning, significance, and entertainment: How to create and balance these in our kids shows
  • Carisa as a fire-eater, glass walker, and kids entertainer: How to effectively manage and market different characters and brands
  • Focusing on one niche vs. offering diverse entertainment services
  • Carisa Hendrix's kids show character

    Carisa’s kids show character

    Where to find inspiration: “Study broadly”

  • Carisa’s S.C.R.A.T.C.H. system on how to create new children’s shows
  • Social currency and the value of this to a child
  • Forms of social currency
  • How to create what Carisa terms as “honest tension” in your show
  • Communicating a message of significance in your show without being preachy

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kids Entertainer Academy

Carisa’s website

Carisa’s Kids Circus Workshops website

Carisa’s Little DeeDee Darling website

Carisa’s Stilt Walker website

Kids Entertainers Facebook group

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