How to Be a Better Kids Entertainer

How to Be a Better Kids Entertainer

In a former life before children’s entertaining, as a cameraman travelling around the world, I had what I call a ringside view of life. I got so close to a lot of people and saw, in many cases, intimately, what makes them tick.

I met many successful people and many unsuccessful people. Over time I began to notice patterns in both successful and unsuccessful people.

  • It wasn’t money that made people successful. I met many rich people who were unhappy and confused.
  • It wasn’t intelligence. I met PHD graduates who were stocking supermarket shelves at night.
  • It wasn’t the ability to be a team player. I interviewed more than one top level sports player with a substance addiction.

The one thing, above all … and this is going to sound very odd …

is that successful people collectively watched relatively little TV.  Successful people couldn’t tell you who won Idol or America’s Got Talent. A very general statement for sure, but there is a truth to it I experienced.

Consider this:

  • There are 168 hrs in a week.
  • We work approx 40.
  • If you follow doctors orders and get 8 hrs a night, you sleep 56.
  • That leaves 72.
  • Mealtimes, showering, etc … allow 3hrs for those, so 21 hrs there.
  • Which leaves us with 51.
  • Got to catch the bus, buy some food. Allow 10 for that.
  • That leaves 41 hours.

What do you do with those 41 hours?

How to Be a Better Kids Entertainer: Take This One Step

What I’m saying is that successful people continually use any spare time and turn it into productive time. Successful people apply themselves and keep their nose to the wheel.

Tips for Professional Kids Entertainers Starting Out

You are the only thing that stands in the way of you succeeding at this.

  • You don’t need special talent … I certainly don’t have it.
  • You don’t need better audiences … They are there desperately waiting for you.
  • You don’t need to worry about what other entertainers say … They will never book you so they have NO say .. It’s that simple.
  • You don’t need lots of money … There are so many free videos and resources available online, you have 2 legs and they walk, you have a mouth and it can ask questions … You have everything you need.
  • You don’t have to worry about failing … Don’t bill yourself as the great entertainer. Start off as someone who helps parties run smoothly and just keep on SMILING.

I want you to succeed at this. I want you to do shows and be able to look in the mirror and call yourself an entertainer.

So next time you find yourself habitually watching TV, get off the couch and walk away. This is your first step.

Now here’s my question for you:

If you were designing the perfect life for your child or grandchild, would you include 9 years sitting on the couch?

I’ve never heard one person answer yes …

Then why do we collectively as a society barely raise a whimper?

We are standing by and watching our potential go down the plughole. And it’s only when we get off the couch and start reclaiming this lost time that we are going to reach our potential.

This really is your time to shine. The door is wide open … Come on … Walk through it.