KEH097: How to Ask for Deposits Easily

KEH097 - How to Ask for Deposits Easily. A woman's hands on an open notebook where a huge dollar sign is written

How to Ask for Deposits Easily

Planning to start asking for deposits from your bookers, or wondering how you can simplify the process? In this episode, we discuss how you can ask for deposits with no hassle to you or your client.

And because we always strive to give you as much value as we can, we also discuss how to deal with undercutting, and also whether one website or several specialized websites are for you.

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In this episode we discuss:

In Your Voice
: Specialized Websites or One Website?

Is it best to have a singular website that promotes all your services, or a singular website for each of your services? – Keith Tusing

  • Pros and cons of having one website vs. having several specialized websites
  • Things to consider when deciding whether to have a single or multiple websites

Tips from the Vault
: How to Ask for Deposits

  • Benefits of asking for deposits for your children’s shows
  • Hassle-free ways to ask for payments

Hot Topic
: How to Deal with Undercutting

  • The right attitude towards the issue of undercutting
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and how you can get bookings even if you charge more than your competitors

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