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Every kids entertainer website needs graphics. Often it’s hard to find suitable ones when you are in a rush. Having these on hand when you need something fast will make your day a little easier.

Simply tell us where you want your free kids friendly graphics sent in the box below. Every month an email will arrive from us with a button to click. Immediately a stack of graphics will download for you. All useful, all top quality, all free, all so easy.


Kids Entertainer Free Kids Friendly Graphics

Kids Entertainer Kid Friendly Graphic Party Tips



Kids Entertainer Kid Friendly Graphics Week 2

Kids Entertainer Busy Mum Kid Friendly Graphic




How to open your graphics pack.

You will receive a .zip file. What is a .zip file?

A .zip file contains one or multiple files that have been compressed into a single file called an Archive. An archive needs to be opened with compression software before the files inside can be accessed. Simply it’s like a big carton with a whole lot of little boxes inside. You have to open the carton.

If you don’t know how then here are some useful links that give you free options.

I use myself. It is free, safe and reliable. Just click the download link for your system, either PC or MAC

Here is another useful tutorial should you need it.

Downloading to an iPad

If you are downloading your guide directly to your iPad then you will need to have an app that recognises a zip file.
There are many free apps for opening zip files and you can find them by visiting the iTunes app store and searching for zip unzip. iZip is an example of a free zip app that will open the file for you.

Install the zip app before clicking on the download file and your iPad will recognise the file and open it for you.

And here is one more explanation of opening a zip file



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